Which charging cable should I get for my Audi E-Tron?

It can be a pain to find out which charging cable is the best choice for your electric vehicle. Luckily for Audi E-Tron owners, EV Wired is here with the answer.

The Audi E-Tron range is similar to the vast majority of modern electric vehicles in that it has a CCS Type 2 charge port and needs a (16A or 32A) Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable.

The Type 2 connector is a seven-pin plug design that is the standard connector for electric vehicles within European – meaning that it can be used at practically all modern (non-Tesla) public charging stations within the UK and Europe. At the bottom of your vehicle's charge port, you will also recognise two larger pins a little removed from the seven pins above: these two pins are used in rapid DC charging. This super-quick charging type is available at certain three-phase public charge points via a tethered cable with a larger, combined connector.

The Audi E-Tron range has a maximum charge rate of 7.2kW if charging via a 32A single-phase supply (the UK domestic standard), or 11kW if charging using a 16A 3-phase supply (the standard of service stations, large work and commercial buildings etc).

Whether you use a 16A or 32A charger cable, your vehicle will automatically charge at the correct rate of the charge point. This means you can safely use the same EV Wired 32A cable at both 16A and 32A charge points, and vice-versa – our 16A cables are suitable for charging at both 16A and 32A charge points.

As electricity within most UK homes comes via a single-phase supply, drivers wanting only to charge at home require just a single-phase 32A cable. An additional 32A 3-phase charging cable is highly recommended, however: this will allow you to charge using quicker public 3-phase charge points and is good preparation for a future in which this type of charging is set to become more prevalent.

Check out the full range of EV cables for your Audi E-Tron. Our cables come with a 5 year warranty, free next day delivery* and a free carry case worth £14.95

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