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This type is more commonly found on vehicles pre - 2017, before Type 2 was standardised in Europe.

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In Europe, this is the standard connector plug, and can be single or 3 phase

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As an early adopter of electric vehicles, we struggled to find high quality cables at a reasonable price. This is where the idea for EV Wired was formed. Since then we have become a leading supplier of the EV charging cables. Our cables are compatible with all current EVs, whether they be PHEVs, BEVs and ZEVs. 

We understand that you want your cable to work every time you plug it in. Due to this, all of our cables are made from high-quality durable materials which guarantee 10,000 charge cycles. They are also fully CE, IEC and TUV compliant, as well as being both 16A and 32A compatible.

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We want you to be confident that you’ll be fully covered in the event that anything doesn’t work as expected. Due to this, all of our cables include a free 5 year warranty.

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If you have any questions, you want them answered as quickly as possible. Because of this, our UK based, experienced customer service team can provide help with any issues or questions you might have regarding EV charging, EV cables or electric vehicles in general. 

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An EV charging cable is used to charge an electric vehicle’s internal battery, replacing their need for fuel. Electric vehicles include a charging cable, however these tend to only be compatible with a 3-pin plug, the same type of plug that household appliances use. 

To charge at a public charge point, or an installed household charging wallbox, a different type of plug will be used. This is typically a type 2 cable, as this is the UK and European standard EV plug type. As an added benefit, these also tend to be faster charging than standard 3-pin household sockets. 

EV cables are available in several different kinds across the world, however the most common plug types in the UK and Europe are:

3-pin UK plugs

These are the most common type of EV cable to be included when you purchase an electric vehicles in the UK. These are compatible with any standard UK 3-pin plug socket, and so can be used anywhere.

Due to limitations in power supplied in the standard sockets however, these do tend to be the slowest charging option.

Type 1 EV plug type

A charging type commonly used on electric vehicles manufactured before 2017, this has since been replaced by the European standard Type 2. This uses a fully circular charging plug containing 5 contacts.

Most Type 1 EV cables are a Type 1 to Type 2, as this ensures compatibility with any UK or European charging point.

Type 2 EV plug type

This charger type is the UK and European standard, and is now the most widely fitted vehicle plug type. This is also the most likely type to find on a charging point within the UK or Europe.

The Type 2 can be found in Single Phase or Three Phase types. Three Phase cables charge faster from compatible public charge points, but can also be used as Single Phase cables at home.

CCS, CHAdeMO or Tesla Type 2

These rapid charging cables offer vastly faster charging speeds and require specialised charging points to function. These cables are always tethered or fixed to the charging point, and so are not available for separate purchase. A compatible vehicle is also required to take advantage of this charging type.

Many of our cables are marked as either Single Phase or Three Phase. This describes the maximum speed the cable in question is able to charge your vehicle. The two different types are:

Single Phase

The standard type of home installed charging point, these have a typical charge speed of up to 3.6kWh at 16A or up to 7.2kWh at 32A, depending on the maximum output of the charging point. 

Three Phase

Typically only found at public charging stations due to the higher power requirements. Three Phase charging is far faster than Single Phase, reaching 11kWh at 16A or 22kWh at 32A.

Three Phase cables are also able to charge vehicles at Single Phase speeds, so are still compatible with home charging points. 

Most electric vehicles use the Type 2 plug type, as this is the standard in Europe and the UK. Vehicles manufactured before 2017 will likely use the Type 1 plug type. 

If you aren’t sure what your vehicle uses, we would recommend to check our vehicle information. This can be viewed here

Alternatively, our customer service team would be more than happy to let you know which cables are compatible with your vehicle. Please contact us on 0330 0431329