At EV Wired we provide Type 1 charging cables with either a Type 1 or 13A 3-pin Plug vehicle connector.

The Type 1 vehicle connector (also known as an SAE J1772 or ‘J plug’) is a 5-pin connector, designed for 120 V / 240 V single phase electrical systems – the North American (and Japanese) standard.

In UK and Europe 220-230 V electrical systems Type 1 connectors are uncommon, and instead a Type 2 connector is used. A manual locking mechanism is a common feature of Type 1 connectors, which may be used alongside a padlock for extra security.

Vehicles with a Type 1 connector are compatible with Mode 3 Charging - also known as ‘Fast’ charging. Mode 3 charges your electric vehicle at either 16A (3.6kWh) or 32A (7.2kWh), although your maximum charge rate is determined by the charging station, vehicle, and cable used.

‘Fast’ charge stations can be found at service stations and larger businesses such as retail parks and leisure centres, on main routes or at long-stay car parks.