Which charging cable should I get for my Jaguar I-Pace?

Which charging cable should I get for my Jaguar I-Pace?

Unsure which charging cable is right for your Jaguar I-Pace? No sweat – EV Wired is here to walk you through your choices.

Like the majority of current and new electric vehicles, the Jaguar I-Pace has a CCS Type 2 charge port on the vehicle and, as such, requires a (16A or 32A) Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable.

The seven-pin Type 2 plug design is the European standard and this connector type and can be used at practically all modern (non-Tesla) public charge points within the UK. Note that the two larger pins at the bottom of your vehicle's charge port are for using DC rapid charging cables that are tethered to some charge points – feel free to take advantage of DC rapid charging when the opportunity presents itself!

The Jaguar I-Pace has a maximum charge rate of 7.2kW if charging via a 32A (Amps) single-phase supply (the domestic standard), or 11kW if charging using a 16A 3-phase supply.

Whether using a 16A or 32A charger cable, your vehicle will automatically identify and charge at the correct rate of the charging station. As such, you can use the same EV Wired 32A cable at both 16A and 32A charge points. Likewise, our 16A cables are suitable for use at both 16A and 32A charge points but will only charge at 16A.

As most homes have a single-phase electricity supply, only a single-phase 32A cable is required for home charging (unless you have a 3-phase supply). We recommend, however, purchasing a 32A 3-phase charger cable as a great option to have to hand. This allows for quicker charging at public 3-phase charge points and, as 3-phase charging becomes increasingly common, is more future-proof.

Check out the full range of EV cables for your Jaguar I-Pace. Our cables come with a 5 year warranty, free next day delivery* and a free carry case worth £14.95

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