Which charging cable should I get for my Renault Zoe?

Which charging cable should I get for my Renault Zoe?

Uncertain about which charging cable to choose for your Renault Zoe? No worries – EV Wired is here to help you make the choice that's right for you.

The Renault Zoe is similar to the vast majority of new electric vehicles in that it has a CCS Type 2 charge port on the vehicle, requiring a (16A or 32A) Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable.

The Type 2 plug design is a seven-pin design used as standard throughout the UK and Europe (adopted as standard by the EU). Type 2 connectors can be used at the vast majority of charging stations around the UK (with Tesla's network of stations being the only notable exception). Though the Type 2 plug and vehicle's socket is 7-pins, you may note two additional larger pins underneath these. These are DC pins to enable use by rapid DC charging cables that can be found tethered to some three-phase charge points. These are not the most common of charge points, but provide a great opportunity for speedy charging when you come across them.

The Renault Zoe vehicle model's maximum charge rate is 7.2kW when charging from a 32A single-phase supply (standard within UK households), or 11kW if charging from a 16A 3-phase supply (commonly found at service stations, larger commercial buildings etc).

When using either a 16A or 32A charging cable, your vehicle charger's onboard circuitry will thankfully establish the optimal charge rate automatically – so you don't need to worry about plugging a 32A cable into a 16A charge point, or vice-versa. Just bear in mind that charge rate will only increase if using both a 32A cable and 32A charge point.

The vast majority of homes in the UK are powered via a single-phase electricity supply. As such, only a single-phase 32A cable is necessary for charging at home (whether that be via a dedicated charge point of Type 2 to 3-pin plug cable). As three-phase public charge points are increasingly easy to find and offer a quicker charge rate, however, we strongly recommend purchasing a 32A 3-phase charger cable for current and future convenience.

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