Which charging cable should I get for my Volkswagen e-Golf?

Which charging cable should I get for my Volkswagen e-Golf?

Find out what the best charging cable is for your Volkswagen e-Golf with the help of EV Wired.

Like most new and recent electric vehicles, the Volkswagen e-Golf has a CCS Type 2 charge socket on the vehicle and, accordingly, requires a (16A or 32A) Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable for everyday charging.

The seven-pin Type 2 connector type is the EU standard and this plug design is suitable for use at practically all modern public charging stations within the UK. The vehicle's charge socket will actually also have two larger pins beneath the main seven: these are for using DC rapid charging cables, rather than regular Type 2 charging. DC rapid charging is offered at certain three-phase charge points where tethered cables (with two extra DC pins) are provided. These are perfectly safe to use and a great speedy option, but are not yet as common as standard Type 2 charge points.

When charging the Volkswagen e-Gold via a 32A single-phase supply (the domestic standard), it achieves a maximum charge rate of 7.2kW; this rate increases to 11kW when charging via a three-phase electric supply (common at service stations and larger, commercial buildings etc).

Where this may sound confusing, your vehicle makes the task of charging surprisingly easy: its onboard circuitry will automatically charge at the best rate of the charging station, regardless of whether you use a 16A or 32A cable. As such, you can use the same EV Wired 32A or 16A cable at both 16A and 32A charge points – though remind yourself that if either the cable or charge point is 16A then the charge rate will be lower.

Single-phase electricity supplies support nearly all homes in the UK. As such, for home charging, only a single-phase 32A cable is specifically required. Given the growing number of 3-phase charge points and their speed and usefulness, however, we highly recommend having a 32A 3-phase charger to hand. You certainly won't regret it in the future.

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