We have EV charging cables for every type of electric Ford car and van currently available in the UK. From the Ford Focus EV to the Custom Transit EV, we stock high quality EV cables that will charge your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Buy charging cables for your Ford EV

Ford is perhaps one of the best known manufacturers worldwide and is renowned for producing powerful and reliable cars for wide commercial use.

During the last 100 years Ford's commitment to electric vehicles has been lacklustre, although there were many attempts to create an affordable and commercially feasible electric vehicle. The most well known example being the Ford Comuta which was released in the 1960's

Recently, Ford has become increasingly recognised for its introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles such as a version of the familiar Ford Focus. Its popularity was certainly helped by the fact that it still looked and performed like a regular car, unlike other EV models at the time.

More recently the new Ford Mustang Mach - E has certainly had its share of publicity. It presents the company's intentions to pursue the manufacture of robust and dynamic electric vehicles far into the future.

After locating your vehicle underneath, our handy guides will help inform you which of our cables will be suitable for you.