Volvo is world-renowned for taking the lead in safety technology and has subsequently encouraged all other manufacturers to follow their example. Find your Volvo charging cable below.

Buy charging cables for your Volvo EV

Volvo's wide range of vehicles are popular due to their reliability and luxurious feel. Overall sales in the UK are increasing year on year, and this trend looks likely to continue with the introduction of newer EV models.

Many vehicles in Volvo's lineup are hybrid versions of already established models such as the S60, V90, or XC60, which has made it easier for long standing drivers to make the switch to electric.

One of Volvo's highlight vehicles is the XC40 Recharge; a fully electric SUV that covers ground quickly for a vehicle of its type. A respectable range of around 250 miles also compares well with other EV's in an ever-changing and competitive market.

It is clear that Volvo looks set to continue its current successes in the years to come.

After locating your vehicle underneath, our handy guides will help inform you which of our cables will be suitable for you.