Established in 1937 Volkswagen is a famous worldwide brand and considered one of the world's top producers and sellers. With a heavy presence in the UK Volkswagen has been focusing on the introduction of modern electric vehicles since 2017.

Buy charging cables for your Volkswagen EV

As of 2021 Volkswagen announced they would be no longer developing new combustion engines, and aim to have an electric option of all current models by 2030. Volkswagens aims are clear, to move away from combustion vehicles and to firmly assert itself as one of the worlds leading EV manufacturers. With more popular models such as the e-Golf, the I.D3, and the I.D4 already becoming a common sight in the UK there is no doubt that Volkswagen is well on its way to achieving its goals. After locating your Volkswagen below, our handy guides on each vehicle will help inform you of which of our cables will be suitable.