KIA is globally known for producing high quality vehicles that also have a good value for money. After breaking into the UK market in the early '90s the company remains popular country-wide. Find your Kia charging cable below.

Buy charging cables for your Kia EV

As relative newcomers to the production of electric vehicles, Kia has experienced plenty of success so far with both their hybrid and fully electric models.

The Kia Soul, originally released in 2017 was a well received and successful first step for the South Korean manufacturer in their EV endeavour. A second version released in 2019 adopted the European Type 2 connector and offered upgrades across the board, most notably in the available range after a full charge.

More recently the Kia EV 6 has turned heads due to its alluring sporty design and impressive specs. With a range in and around the 300-mile mark and a battery capable of rapid charging at a rate of up to 250kW, the EV 6 is certainly Kia's most impressive model up to date.

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