The Top 5 Most Affordable Electric Vehicles in the UK

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Electric vehicles generally cost more to buy than petrol and diesel vehicles. The expense of EV batteries and parts, in particular, leaves a lot of drivers unconvinced that EVs are the answer to the government’s upcoming ban on fuelled vehicles. It is likely, however, that as electric cars become more mainstream, the price gap will begin to narrow with charging costs and parts becoming cheaper in the long run.  

The selection of EVs continues to grow each year, with various price tags across the UK. Many manufacturers are increasing their range of entry-level, affordable EVs, but which of these vehicles are currently the cheapest? 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 cheapest electric cars that are currently on sale in the UK. We have included their price as new, as well as an average used price for each model. 

The Cheapest Electric Cars

With so many EVs to choose from and lots more making their way to the UK, it’s hard to know which car is the right one for you. Not everyone has the budget for a premium EV such as a Tesla, but don’t worry as there is a growing list of more affordable electric cars available. 

Here are the top 5 cheapest electric vehicles that are currently on sale in the UK:

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

1) The Smart EQ-fortwo is priced from £22,225 to buy new, and can cost around £11,000 – 12,000 to buy used. 

The Smart EQ-fortwo comes with a 17.6kWh battery, providing a range of up to 81 miles from a single charge. All the latest tech such as Radar-based energy recovery, eco mode, an 8-inch display screen, a panoramic sunroof with a blind, and a dedicated app with pre-heating controls for Winter is included.

2) The MG4 EV currently costs from £26,995 to buy new, with an average price of around £24,000 for a used vehicle. 

The MG4 comes with a choice of the standard 51kWh battery providing a range up to 218 miles, or a long-range 64kWh battery providing 281 miles. The MG4 features a 10.25-inch touchscreen, MG Pilot driver assistance, pedestrian and bicycle detection, speed limit assist with sign recognition, and the MG iSMART app. Additional settings such as climate control, and assistance with finding a charge point.

Image credit: MG Motors.
Image credit: Stellantis.

3) The Fiat 500e Hatchback costs £28,195 to buy new, with an average price of around £16,000 used. 

The Fiat 500e comes with a 42kWh battery, providing a range of around 199 miles, and features app controls, level 2 assisted driving, cruise control, a 10.25-inch display screen, speech recognition software, and a JBL premium sound system.

4) The Nissan Leaf Tekna (2023) currently costs from £28,495 to buy new, with an average used price under £27,000. Older models of the Nissan Leaf are also available used for less than £7000. 

The Nissan Leaf comes with a 40kWh battery, providing a range of up to 149 miles, and features driver assist technology, an 8-inch infotainment system, a rearview camera to aid parking, 435 litre boot space, and a Bose sound system.

Image credit: Nissan.
Image credit: Renault.

5) The Renault Zoe E-Tech costs from £29,995 to buy new, with an average used price under £17,000. Older Renault Zoe EVs can be found for £6000 and above and can be found at Renault approved used cars. 

The Renault Zoe comes with a 52kWh battery, providing a range up to 239 miles, and features and EasyLink 9.3-inch screen, hand-free parking, a reverse parking camera, emergency braking system, tyre-pressure monitors, Michelin E-tyres, and a shark antenna.

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